About Cultiply

A "microworld"
at your service

Cultiply is a biotechnology CDMO specialised in industrial microbiology, fermentation technologies and other bioprocesses.

Our company offers a complete innovation platform, with a 360º vision that allows the development of innovative projects in the biotechnology field from the idea phase to industrial scaling.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology and a team with more than 20 years of experience dedicated exclusively to bioprocess development.

At Cultiply, we’re specialists in making your projects a reality, motivated by a passion for biotechnology and a vocation for service. Under these guiding principles, we’ve developed numerous projects in the fields of food, agriculture, biopharmacy and cosmetics.

A microscopic

Our core mission is to develop the full potential of microbiology, bring it to industry, and create a more advanced, just and sustainable society.


We want to become a benchmark company for industrial microbiology and bioprocesses in Europe.

Values do matter


Both our customers and the people who make up Cultiply are our greatest assets. Their well-being and that of the rest of society are our top priority.


We’re convinced that innovation is the engine that moves the world. All our efforts are focused on the search for continuous innovation, with biotechnology being our best tool.


We understand our work as the search for continuous improvement and refinement. It’s an ambitious challenge, but a philosophy we apply to all our projects.


Our raeson for being is our client. We work with passion, transparency and responsibility to achieve our goals together, efficiently and safely.