Cultiply participates in the new edition of Alhambra Venture

This week we have had the pleasure of talking about #fermentacióninteligente at Alhambra Venture, the largest innovative entrepreneurship event in southern Spain.

Thanks to Alhambra Venture for the invitation and thanks to Diputación de Granada, Ayuntamiento de Granada, Junta de Andalucía, El Referente, Acciona and other promoters for making this event possible where “innovation” is pronounced in Andalusian.

Congratulations to all the participating start-ups, BrainsPro, Aumentur, Kampaoh, Firmafy, Newralers,, Ventum Innovación , Millionchats, Check-in Scan, TALES technology, Pikotea, OWO Game

Such a huge level!

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