Cultiply is a comprehensive platform for the development (CRO service) and production (CMO service) of a wide variety of microorganisms, proteins, enzymes and other biological components.

Medium optimisation

We develop and optimise the culture medium using a methodology based on design of experiments (DoE). This phase is crucial to a cost-effective bioprocess. We only use ingredients for the bioprocess in question that are suitable from both a technical and economic point of view.

Bioprocess optimisation

We put our more than 20 years of experience to use to optimise the most important process variables, such as temperature, pH, agitation or gas flow, to achieve a high-performance, scalable and safe production system. For this, we work with a laboratory-scale stirred tank bioreactor in batch, fed-batch or continuous mode.


Cultiply has a modern production plant equipped with bioreactors of different scales. Using this technology, we can scale-up the bioprocess to check its robustness and reproducibility up to an industrial level. With the help of our partner network, your project can reach the production stage with capacities above 1,500 m3.