Cultiply is a comprehensive platform for the development (CRO service) and production (CMO service) of a wide variety of microorganisms, proteins, enzymes and other biological components.

Isolation and screening

We isolate microorganisms from environmental samples and identify those of interest to the project based on their activity. This is the best alternative to buying the commercial use rights isfor a given microorganism and presents a clear competitive advantage.


By sequencing the 16s ribosomal RNA regions or ITS sequences, we can taxonomically identify both prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms. Fragments containing a variable region are amplified by PCR using primers that are homologous to highly conserved regions. Microorganisms can then be assigned to a closely related taxonomic group by comparing the sequence to different databases.

Improved strains

We use different applied-microbiology techniques to improve microorganisms, adapt them to a particular nutritional source, or optimise the production of a certain metabolite. Optimising strains using these tools represents a significant competitive advantage for projects in the agricultural and food sectors as it’s GMO-free.

Molecular biology

Using molecular biology techniques, we design and build strains for the overproduction of high added value compounds, such as recombinant proteins, special fatty acids, or enzymes with industrial applications, among others. Choosing the right expression system is key to future fermentation scale-up success.